Small Coffee Table Apartment Therapy


Small Coffee Table Apartment Therapy One of the most popular things to use in place of the coffee table is outdated packing cases from earlier last century. Often above was used to transport tea or maybe other foodstuffs and many have the original labelling upon these individuals, faded by age. All these can make a stylish and astonishingly convenient coffee table and can also often be picked up reasonably cheaply from antiques companies and fairs. Not only do they help to make good surfaces they also have lots of storage space to hide away goods that you do not want on exhibit.

Small Coffee Table Apartment Therapy Large wicker picnic affects can also work in this way way too, although they do not provide a incredibly uniform top surface. They actually though look stylish, specially when aged. Another idea is to apply tree stumps or additional beautiful pieces of wood. The best surface can be sanded as well as polished to make a beautiful, healthy surface. Alternatively, beautiful fecal material driftwood can have legs included in make a wonderful centrepiece coffee beans table for your room.

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