Shadow Box Coffee Table


Shadow Box Coffee Table, A latest project I completed has been a glass top shadow box coffee table. The consumer wanted the table refinished and we made some cosmetic changes to update the look. See photos. Well her friend had been looking for some thing similar on the internet but had not had any luck. She asked if that was some thing I possibly could make for her. Here is the result! I hope you such as it!

She wanted anything more traditional. Shadow Box Coffee Table, I began by looking for a reasonably priced table leg. The one I came across was from Van Dyke’s Restorers. They have lots of shapes and sizes. It was on sale, around $16 each plus some shipping and delivery. I sketched up a square table per her request. The table might be 42” wide, 42” long and 18 ¾” tall. (the sketch initially had a 15” lower leg but it did not really suit her). I attempted to use stock wood for all the pieces to keep it easy, on time and price range.

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