Parsons Coffee Table


Parsons Coffee Table. The actual Parsons table was created by Jean-Michel Frank while having been working at Parsons Paris, france, then known as the Rome Atelier. While the form is normally credited to Parsons College of Design in Nyc, according to an article in The Ny Times that referred to records at Parsons School, the actual table was developed out of a training course taught at Parsons London by the French designer Jean-Michel Frank in the 1930s.

Since the article states, "Frank questioned students to design a desk so basic that it might retain its integrity whether or not sheathed in gold tea leaf, mica, parchment, split hay or painted burlap, and even left robustly unvarnished. Exactly what grew out of Frank's drawings and the students' participation was called the T-square table... inch The first example, as remembered by Parsons instructor Stanley Barrows, was constructed through the school's janitor and shown at a student show.

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