Box Frame Coffee Table


Box Frame Coffee Table. I have been on the hunt for the coffee table for the family room since we sold our own round collapsable one. We have been making due with the plant bench-but it appeared a little silly and weighty for a coffee table. I recently found West Elm’s Box Framework coffee table and cherished the airiness and simpleness, but $350 for a espresso table just wasn’t within the budget right now, especially for some thing directly in Greta’s route.

Box Frame Coffee Table. There were a few differences to notice between the two. The Dakota was smaller by a few inches and obviously sported any yellow-wood top, while the Package Frame was whitewashed. However the designs were nearly similar. Metal frames with wooden tops. And then I thought, I am certain I can whitewash! I go through in the description that the Dakota had a solid wood top, along with “distinctive pine grain” that seemed like the perfect candidate for any good sanding. Clear reduce decision-Dakota it is.

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