60 Coffee Table


60 Coffee Table On the functional front, it is simple to move daintier pieces-like La designer Azadeh Shladovsky's Campanario stools-around as needed. Put one away if you want much more floor space for party visitors, pull one closer to typically the sofa when reclining lengthwise with a coffee and At the Strout's latest novel-or pull a pair elsewhere to create a good auxiliary hangout zone. Item designer Derek Chen holds such mobility in his Bay area home. "I am nearly criminally modular with the furniture, which comes from becoming non-committal about my home design, " he said. "I like that occasional tables could be grouped together or just spread around. "

His customers covet that flexibility, as well: Mr. Chen is the creator of Council Design, a new contemporary-furniture brand that offers this kind of tables sold as models of four, and others intended for clustering but available individually. Mister. Chen estimates that 1 / 2 his customers opt for nombreux. From a designer's perspective, this individual said, "you can place a bolder gesture in a form-brighter colors, more sculptural shapes. Some of our periodic tables would look strange in a dining-table size. very well

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