Window Coffee Table


Window Coffee Table We required a new coffee table within the family room, one that went with the actual ever changing decor. One of the neighbors threw out an extremely nice, but older wood framed window that they have been holding onto for who knows just how long. My wife actually grabbed it of the garbage with both the children sitting in the car while the girl loaded it into the girl SUV in dress clothing. Anyway, I broke down the particular window into two areas and used one of the portions to build this table. The region around the window is made from 2x4 and the table dress is 1x4. I bought typically the turned legs from (colonial coffee table leg). This project was made much easier by using my kreg jig to attach the skirt towards the table legs as well as the best to the skirt. Knowing that I might have two young kids experimenting and setting things shared I placed the cup panes with plexi which i bought from Lowes. This will be more secure as well as more durable in the future.

Do you do things on a impulse? It used to be my husband and I would strategy one date night during the 7 days for a date night, that survived about 2 months. Window Coffee Table These days out of the blue he suggested we now have a romantic dinner for party time. Thinking what a fun and adorable idea, we both agreed to allow it to be a home date night which was comprised of an outdoor Bbq steak supper. Remember this was done in the last minute and it was later in the day, not leaving behind much time to plan or even prepare for. This cute inexpensive date night ideas is simple, however ended up being probably one of the best day nights we have ever had.

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