Touch Screen Coffee Table


Touch Screen Coffee Table You can always control your press with a regular remote, or perhaps with a myriad of iPhone along with Android apps, but couple of things give you as much manage as a full desktop system. Jarolix, looking to control Spotify and XBMC on his TELEVISION, bought himself another pc monitor, added a touch display screen, and built the whole thing directly into his coffee table intended for easy access. You could, of course , make simpler the build a lot by purchasing a touch screen monitor or maybe tablet instead of modding a normal monitor as well. Of course , you will need to cut some pretty large holes in your coffee dining room table, so I wouldn't do this on the grandma's antique heirloom, although a cheap LACK table coming from IKEA (like the one Jarolix used) is probably perfect.

The popular Ideum Duet UHD desk is an incredibly wonderfully created multitouch coffee table which is capable of doing a whole lot more than merely holding onto your cup of coffee -- it can actually recognize items, allowing for a whole world of completely immersive and engaging interactive multimedia system possibilities. Touch Screen Coffee Table The interactive characteristics are surely the emphasize of this multitouch table, as possible go about interacting with it utilizing wine glasses and glasses. You can place glasses shared and enjoy presentations about your drink, complete with information and hyperlinks.

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