Square Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table


Square Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table. The Molded Plywood Java Table is an eloquent sort of early Eames design. Created by breakthrough technology in which molds plywood veneer directly into curved shapes, its rounded top is slightly indented and comes in a range of surface finishes. Paired with lounge chairs or even sofa seating, it creates a new striking centerpiece in any area.

These square wooden plastic trays are hand crafted and match nicely on a coffee dining room table or ottoman holding floral vases or jugs, magazines and another of Joanna's Signature Candle lights.
Founded by Chicago-bred Paul Wynne, Square Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Square Nail resources wood such as walnut, whitened & red elm, maple, and pine from knocked- down and abandoned barns. The knotty, warped, frequently nail-punctured boards, bring valued beauty and personality with each piece they create. Some other found materials such as copper mineral tubing, rusted metal, in addition to copper plates, add background texture into their work.

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