Coffee Table With Magazine Rack


Coffee Table With Magazine Rack. In 1929 Barcelona was host to the Globe Arts Fair, and the German born government commissioned Mies to develop the German Pavilion in Montjuic as part of the exposition. Mies also designed the seats used in it, the "Barcelona chairs". They served because thrones for the King along with Queen of Spain once they visited the German Stand. Barcelona Table follows exactly the same design rules of the Couch and they make a perfect combination with each other.

One of Mies van der gro?e Rohe’s most notable architectural styles was the German Pavilion for your Barcelona World’s Fair (1929). The ceremonial hall, home furniture, and sculptures were works of art that were reconstructed in 1986. The actual special design approach from the hall is notable in addition to seen in future Mies models. The hall has small separation by walls, instead by vertical dividing components such as glass or wooden. Mies has been quoted within saying “... the house is actually unit. Not a series of areas side by side and covered by the roof, but an itinerary that will lead from one room to a different keeping with the occupants’ life-style.

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